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With proper care and maintenance, your furniture will remain beautiful and should be enjoyed for years. Please review these care and maintenance instructions thoroughly. For any brand not mentioned, please feel free to contact us with questions at

Beyond Borders

Pieces displayed in the outdoor elements will generally not remain glossy and over time will take on a flat patina…and they will eventually rust. Rust is not ugly, but will corrode the piece. To deter the corrosion, thoroughly spray it with WD-40® penetrating oil…and do not wipe the spray. You will likely need to reapply once a year

Byer of Maine

The wood is treated at the producing factory with a penetrating oil finish. We recommend re-coating of the wood with a clear penetrating outdoor wood finish from time to time. These finishes can be found in the paint department of your hardware store or home center. Use care to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions carefully. Left exposed and untreated, the wood may discolor and crack and fabrics will fade and lose strength. All fasteners and frames should be inspected regularly and any loose fasteners tightened to restore rigidity to your furniture.

Care should be taken to ensure that hammock strings are not tangled or chafed. When hanging, hammocks should be hung from a flexible point…a rope, a chain or carabiner to avoid chafing at the hanging point. Be extremely careful to ensure hammocks and hanging chairs are hung from a point or points suitably strong for the anticipated use. Seek professional assistance if you have any doubts as to your ability to properly judge the strength of any hanging point. Hammocks can be hosed-off for cleaning with clear, cold water. No detergent or other chemical cleaners should be used. No machine washing. Air dry thoroughly before storage.

Evans Lane

Furniture Covers

While Evans Lane furniture is highly resistant to weather, furniture covers can extend the life of your seating or dining pieces, especially if the furniture is exposed to extreme temperatures or wet, salty air. If your climate has harsh winters, it is best to stow furniture inside during the coldest months.

Frame Finishes

Wash your furniture’s frame with a mild natural soap and warm water solution. One-quarter cup dish soap per gallon of water should suffice. Evans Lane recommends using a terry cloth rag. Please note that scouring pads or harsh sponges will adversely affect the finish. Always rinse the furniture when done. Pressure washing is not recommended for any Evans Lane furniture. Coastal areas are very harsh on all metals, and powder-coated aluminum is no exception. Salt must be cleansed from frames on a regular basis (i.e., every 60 days) or the finish may oxidize, discolor, and/or blister. It is recommended to use car wax in extreme environments to protect your furniture from nature’s harshest elements. Salt builds up over time without proper cleaning and will deteriorate the frame’s finish. This is not covered under our warranty.

Resin Wicker

Resin weaves are virtually maintenance-free and are made of a durable and weatherproof extruded polyethylene. Light stains and soils may be removed with a solution of mild detergent and water, rinsed with clear water, and dried thoroughly. Mildew and heavy stains can be removed with a quality outdoor furniture cleaner and protectant. A buildup of salt may still affect the powder coating on the frame underneath and should be maintained, as appropriate. In extreme climates where temperatures are often 100 degrees or more, it is suggested to place furniture in areas covered by shade at least half of the time.


Evans Lane uses Sunbrella fabrics exclusively, which are designed to endure years of sun, soil, and moisture. Sunbrella recommends their fabrics be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the buildup of dirt and mildew. Wash cushions with a solution of mild detergent and water, and thoroughly rinse with clear water. Stand cushions on end and allow to air dry completely. If mildews does form on your cushions, mix one gallon of distilled water, one cup of chlorine bleach, and a squirt of dish detergent (check detergent label first to make sure it does not contain ammonia). Do not use bleach on printed fabrics. Do not dry clean or use a washing machine or dryer. Do not steam or use water at temperatures above 100 degrees. Pressure washing is not recommended. Please visit Sunbrella for further details.

Natural and Cast Stone Table Tops

Evans Lane tabletops are designed for normal outdoor use in residential settings. To maintain their natural beauty, we recommend applying a stone-enhancing sealer every six months to protect and restore the top. This step can be repeated each year and before the winter season.

If your tabletop is stained with products such as wine, soda, coffee, or other colorants of organic origin, clean these spills immediately with a mild detergent, then rinse with water. In extreme cold climates, it is recommended that tabletops be stored in a dry, indoor area or be covered with suitable outdoor furniture covers. Be sure to allow space between the tabletop and the cover to promote airflow and allow moisture to escape. This will prevent moisture from collecting on the table.

DO NOT USE solvents, scouring agents, carbon tetrachloride, undiluted bleach, janitorial cleansers, or gasoline. Do not expose top to nail polish or acetone, as these may damage the finish.

Garson Jasper

Pillow covers can be spot or professionally dry cleaned.

Grace Graffiti

Grace Graffiti products are sealed for outdoor use. Clean with mild soap and water.


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Explorer Collection

Spirals Teak Collection

Ceramic Furniture, Accents, and Vases/Urns

Upholstered Furniture

Lightweight Concrete Furniture


West of the Wind

Giclee printing process provides vibrant color accuracy. Prints are on all-weather canvas. Framing is not needed as the canvas is stretched and gallery wrapped on 1.5″ thick poly vinyl bars. It can withstand all weather and outdoor elements. Canvas is treated with UV lacquer. Prints are 100% waterproof. Stainless steel staples are used so no rust marks will be left. Special mounting hardware is included for outdoor use.


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