Best Practices for Your Next Outdoor Summer Event

As warm weather arrives, it's time to begin planning your next outdoor summer event. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to prepare, these best practices will help you prepare well and enjoy the party with friends and family. From food to seating, this is what you need to know!

Choose Your Guest List

Some of the best outdoor summer events are those with friend groups that perfectly mix together. Before you begin planning the other pieces like food, seating, and décor, you'll want to solidify your party's size. Will this be for one friend group as a celebration, or will you bring together co-workers and neighborhood friends for a larger event?

Your guest list can evolve but beginning with a defined guest list will help ensure you have enough food and seating, as well as appropriate décor. 

Food Prep is the Key to a Stress-Free Event

To reduce stress, food prep the day before. The last thing you want to worry about in the hours leading up to your event is making five different dishes all requiring different ingredients. This is best done with foods that benefit from rest, like fruit salads and marinated meats. For dishes that can't be fully made ahead, prepare the parts you can, then assemble the day of. 

Another great food prep tip for summer is to purchase pre-cut veggie plates. This cuts down on prep time and ensures everything is ready to go as your guests arrive. The more you can prepare ahead of time the more you can enjoy spending time with your guests.

Create Multiple Seating Areas

For summer events with a large guest list, multiple seating areas is key. This allows pockets of conversation to develop naturally throughout your patio as guests begin to mingle. Offering enough seating is important, especially if some of your guests can't stand for long periods of time.

In some situations, it may be best to rent tables and chairs so you can ensure there is enough seating for all your guests. Open houses need less seating, because your guests will arrive at different times. For a shorter party, it's important to provide enough seating so everyone has a place to sit, eat, and enjoy each other's company.There are a variety of ways to create these seating areas. First, utilize the seating you already have. This includes your patio table and/or seating sets. This sets the foundation for the additional seating. Second, set up additional seating areas, with five to seven places each, the ideal size for conversation. 


Villa Blanca Sling Dining Set

We love this ottoman, which can be mixed with chairs to create a fun and inviting space to spend time with old and new friends.


Spirals Teak Ottoman

Choose Décor for Your Summer Event

Décor isn't a necessity, but it certainly adds a fun touch. For Memorial Day or Fourth of July celebrations, using patriotic colors throughout can add the perfect décor that's flexible enough to be incorporated with your own personal style.

Using colored table cloths, serving bowls, and garlands will help create a cohesive look for your event. 

This boho theme is perfect for a summer birthday party and can easily be customized for your space.

Flowers and Countryside

(Image Source)

If fresh flowers and the idyllic countryside is more your feel, this table setting can be used for both sit down and buffet-style meals.

Outdoor Summer Event Setting

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Creating an outdoor summer event to remember is about preparation. As you begin to plan your upcoming parties, remembering these key tips can reduce stress and help you live in the moment, instead of wondering if you have enough seating or if you remembered every dish.

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