How to Refresh Your Patio

Summer is nearly here, which means it may be time to refresh your patio. Over time, existing furniture, cushions, and accessories can show wear and tear from the elements, especially if you live in a humid or salty climate, and replacements may be in order. You don't need to completely overhaul your patio, though.

Instead of starting from scratch, use a few key pieces like planters, lighting, or rugs to recreate your patio for summer. And of course, if your patio furniture needs replacing, this is the time to do it!

New Vases and Planters

Adding new vases and planters is one of the quickest ways to refresh your patio, and when done well can make a big difference. To make the biggest visual change with the least number of items, focus on vibrant color changes. Update colors that may have faded or change the color palette entirely for a patio refresh that will take your friends by surprise-in a good way.

Vases are one of our go-to ways to do this, and there's an array of colors and shapes to choose from. Blend two to four of these together in a cluster for a unique patio decoration that you'll love all summer long.

This bright planter from Seasonal Living sets the tone for your patio, and its detail catches the eye.


Seasonal Living Tranche Vase in Aquamarine

Add a bolt of color to your patio with the perfectly hued vase from Seasonal Living. Perfect within a grouping due to its shape, it's one of our favorites.


Seasonal Living Harvey Vase in Navy Blue

Elevate Your Patio with Outdoor Art

Outdoor art is another one of our favorite ways to decorate a patio, because of the challenge. It needs to withstand the elements, remain beautiful, and compliment your furniture and other accessories perfectly. We're thrilled to carry Desert Steel, which offers artisan-crafted galvanized steel plants. These feature a base for mounting or a stake for varied placement in your patio and garden.

We love the added hard and soft contrast of these metal succulents in the midst of a garden.


Desert Steel's Dragon Tree Agave

We can't resist this Haitian-inspired wall hanging. Perfect for part of an arbor, this Roosevelt Beauchard piece is just under two feet wide and with withstand whatever nature brings your way.


Beyond Borders Square Garden Tree

While this would typically focus on metal and ceramic art only, we've found artisans that specialize in creating prints that can withstand outdoor placement. These prints are wrapped on vinyl stretcher bars for durability and is both waterproof and UV protected.


West of the Wind's Showtime

Upgrade to Higher-Quality Furniture

If your patio furniture is starting to show wear and you're ready to invest in a set that will last many years, a patio refresh is the perfect time to do it. Whether you're looking for a dining set, seating set, or both, there's a solution that will fit your desired décor and your space.

We recommend starting with your needs and space constraints. If you enjoy large barbecues all summer long, then you'll want a patio setup that can accommodate. If intimate dinner parties are your favorite way to get to know new neighbors, then focus on smaller dining sets that will facilitate conversation.

If you have a large patio area, consider purchasing both a seating set and a patio set. It allows for more seating as needed, as well as flexibility with dinner parties.

This modern dining set from Castelle offers a large table to fill with your favorite summer dishes, and comfortable chairs for evening chats with new neighbors.


Castelle's Park Place Seven Piece Dining Set

For the evenings filled with great food and drink, a warm fire, and great conversation, this Vertice seating set is exactly what your patio refresh needs.


Vertice Seven Piece Deep Seating Set

New Pillows for Your Patio Furniture

If your patio furniture is still in good shape, you can add new pillows for a refresh that doesn't require replacing a seating set that you still enjoy. Layer a few different pillows for a fully customized look that will also withstand your area's summer weather.

If you have a patio seating set with muted colors, choose colors that compliment and accent the set. Depending on your personal style, this may be a bright blue pillow paired with a beige and brown patio set, or a light grey and white pillow paired with a dark grey set.


Garson Jasper's North Beacon Pillow


Peak Season's Ruffle Canvas in Wheat

Then there's balancing using pillows as décor without filling your seating with them. A few is perfect and adds comfort for those with back concerns but add too many and more often than not they'll end up on the ground.

We love this customized Family pillow; what better way to refresh your patio than with a pillow embracing who you are?


Peak Season's Family Name Pillow

Light Your Patio with Improved Lighting

Sometimes a fire's light isn't enough, and you want lights that fit your design aesthetic. Adding patio lighting will provide a practical service while adding to your décor, so you'll want to find the right pieces. If you have space to hang lights, these lanterns add a romantic, boho air to your patio and can be hung around your yard as well.

These lanterns are solar powered so you won't need to worry about how to keep them lit all summer long.

Allsop Home & Garden Stella Round Market Solar Lantern

These floor lamps can be placed around your patio to provide just the right lighting and will perfectly blend with your modern home's aesthetic.


 Zuo Cosima Medium Floor Lamp

 Add an Outdoor Rug to Your Patio

Whether you love bold geometric shapes or bright florals, outdoor rugs are a weather-resistant addition to complete your patio refresh. These UV polyester rugs are durable and will be perfect beneath your patio seating set. It's also ideal for bare feet and wood decks during summer fun.


The Rug Market's Greek

But how do you choose an outdoor rug that will fit your space? You'll want to measure your patio and determine how much overlap you want with furniture and the table. Some homeowners prefer a large rug that fits under the seating as well as the table, while others prefer a smaller rug at the door into their home.

If you do choose to place the rug under the furniture, it's best to have either all four of the chair legs or lounge legs on the rug, or only the front two. An area rug also helps determine areas on your patio and can help distinguish between sitting and dining areas.

There's an extensive range of outdoor rugs to choose from for your patio, giving you the chance to create a home that fits your style.


The Rug Market's Hibiscus

Refreshing your summer patio could mean adding a couple of vases or replacing your outdoor rug or reinventing your space by investing in high-quality patio furniture. Whatever options you choose, it's an ideal way to recreate your outdoor space into an area you won't want to leave. For all your outdoor furniture and accessory needs, view our collections.

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