Creating Your Backyard Oasis with a Luxury Patio Seating Sets

A patio seating set is the most important purchase when creating your backyard oasis. Once you have a space where people can sit, mingle, and enjoy crudités and drinks after a long week, you can focus on the accessories like artwork and lighting. To create this oasis, you'll need to first decide how you're using the space.

If you're already planning your fourth of July party for the neighborhood, you'll need a different patio set than those looking for a place to hold small dinner parties throughout the summer. 

Large Group Seating Fit for a Party

If hosting events is your love language, make sure you purchase a luxury patio seating set that will fit a crowd. While there are always extra seating options, it's ideal to have a patio set large enough for group conversations. Pair this with additional temporary seating around your firepit, and you'll have space for everyone to enjoy your famous burgers. 

This Largo Eight Piece Deep Seating Set has a place for your friends to sit and enjoy pre-dinner conversation while you fire up the grill. Made with Sunbrella fabric, this patio seating is made to not only look beautiful for years in the sun but is also mildew-, fade-, and stain-resistant. The tables offer space for plates and drinks, so there's less balancing and more talking. 


One of our favorite group seating sets is the Contempo Eight Piece Sectional and Fire Pit Set. This is  made for both parties and late-night discussions once everyone else has gone home. The three tables offer storage, too.


We believe in helping you create just the space you want and need, which at times may mean customizing to fit your needs. With the Explorer Four Piece Deep Seating Set, you can purchase two sets and bring them together. Then, if you want to split up your patio seating, you can easily break them apart as well.

This is ideal for larger parties, so you can encourage group conversation or give guests the opportunity to split off.


With these, you can ensure your next barbecue offers everything your friends and family need. We'll cover the seating if you cover the food.

Small Group Patio Seating

If you crave a summer filled with intimate dinner parties and lazy mornings lounging by the pool, these are the luxury patio seating sets that will keep you comfortable. The Vertice Seven Piece Deep Seating Set offers a sleek design, many color options, and includes a firepit, too. Pair it with matching pillows, and your summer oasis will be complete. Just add your favorite wine! 


For a tree-filled backyard and a priority on comfort, the Somerby Five Piece Chat Set will be the ideal dinner party seating. The center table may not be a full table, but it's perfect for a cheese board, your favorite wine, and the photo book from your latest trip you want to share.


The Belle Epoque Five Piece Deep Seating Set is another perfect option for dinner parties and will sit perfectly by your pool. With a romantic design and the same Sunbrella material as other sets, you'll have everything you need to host your friends all summer long.


Finding the right luxury patio seating set is easy when you know your goals and your style. With these options, you can create the backyard oasis you want with the budget you have.

Free Patio Furniture Design Session

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